Just Oil & Grain Pte Ltd (JOG) was incorporated in 1995 and domiciled in the Republic of Singapore. The principle activities of the Company are to carry on business as traders in all kinds of oil produce and commodities. The core business of the Company is in providing risk management and financial services to its customers in the edible industry. JOG is awarded the Global Trader Programme (GTP) status by the Government of Singapore (International Enterprise Singapore). JOG maintains good relations with its trade partners maintaining good credit ratings and having access to strong credit lines. JOG procures from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and sells to its customers in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Europe and Philippines The company has achieved revenues of more than USD500m and is poised to do more in the coming years.

In consideration of global warming issue and growing market of renewable energy, JOG has explored and developed environmentally friendly and renewable material and energy trade such as biodiesel and biomass (e.g. wood pellet and palm kernel shell).  We have also engaged in supply chain management and manufacturing projects of biomass including SRC (short rotating coppice) plantation projects in Indonesia and Thailand.  JOG is ISCC-EU.

Below are some of the products JOG trades in :

Edible Oil

  • RBD Palm Olein
  • RBD Palm Stearin
  • Crude Palm Oil
  • Crude Palm Kernel Oil
  • Crude Coconut Oil
  • Crude Degummed Soyabean Oil
  • Palm Fatty Acid Distillate etc.

Corn & Meal

  • Yellow Soybean Meal
  • Copra Expeller Cake Meal
  • Palm Kernel Expeller




  • Wood Pellet
  • Wood Chips
  • PKS (Palm Kernel Shell)

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