Menajaya Pte Ltd

Menajaya Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Just Oil & Grain established in 2015. We are the biggest supplier focusing on palm-based by-products particularly in Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) which are in demand by Renewable Energy and Animal Feed Industries.

Mena Jaya believes that palm oil sustainability is crucial to fulfill increasing global food demand, support affordable food prices, support poverty reduction, safeguard social interests, communities and workers, and protect the environment and wildlife.

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Solfuels USA

Solfuels USA owns a biodiesel plant located in Arkansas, United States. Strategically located near Memphis, a major biofuel refining and distribution centre, the plant caters to the increasing demand for renewable energy in the United States.

The biodiesel plant sits on a wide area of 38.2 acres of land and is conveniently situated beside the Mississippi River, facilitating logistics and transportation networks as it is accessible by water, road and rail.

To maximize profitability, the plant is in the process of retrofitting to accommodate high FFA multi-feedstock including yellow grease, rendered animal fats, inedible corn oil and refined vegetable oil. This will lead to long-term competitive costings as the Group can select and choose from the most cost-competitive feedstock for production.

The 30 million gallons per annum capacity plant has been producing and selling high quality (ASTM D-6751) B100 since Sep 2017.

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