About Charleston Group

Our Business Offering

The business of Charleston Group spans across a suite of different functions as it addresses the complexities of the edible oils and grains sector
Our primary portfolio functions and companies include :

Just Oil & Grain Pte Ltd (JOG) was incorporated in 1995 and domiciled in the Republic of Singapore.

Pelabuhan Kuala Tanjung is strategically located between Port of Belawan and Port of Dumai.

JBCS provides alternative containerized options for today’s market. Based in Singapore.

The 30 million gallons per annum capacity plant has been producing and selling high quality.

We take great satisfaction when we see our customers successful as that reflects on our ability.

Core Competencies

Our Clients

Trust is the foundation of any relationship.Since our incorporation in 1995, we have built a strong network of clients across the different facets of the edible oil industry from producers to refiners to consumers. Our clients include Forune 500 companies, financial institutions and internationally listed companies.

Phone: +65-6533 3002,   by email: info@charleston.com.sg